Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tori Graces Spring 2010 Issue Of What?! Magazine

Tori graces the cover of the fourth issue of What?!, a magazine edited and published by none other than Karen Binns, Tori’s long-time stylist and friend.
In the editorial, Karen writes:
On the cover of this issue we have my long-time friend and sista Tori Amos, which I guess speaks for itself. She is one of the most insanely attractive people of our time: singer, songwriter, producer and a true Goddess. Knowing and hanging out with Tori is like flying on a silver carpet with candied apples and red wine. She has been an inspiration to my creative being for the last 17 years. Tori is the true channeler of our times, her success is not from the size of her wardrobe but from the spirit of her blood. Her Goddess is always on tap. She was born with that ‘thing’ you just can’t purchase, manipulate or steal – it’s orginial without a price. Not forgetting to mention her dedication to her charity/hotline RAINN – Rape, Absue, and Incest National Network (www.rainn.org).

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